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Sardinian granite

Years of history and experience in the extraction and cutting of granite

granito luna pearl Sardegna / Buddusò

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Fiore Service srl

Fiore Service srl, founded in 2009, is the natural continuation of the family business which has been active in the stone sector for over 50 years and is certainly among the first in Sardinia to produce granite blocks for ornamental use.

The pearl gray granite extracted in our quarry is known and appreciated throughout the world for its exceptional physical-chemical, mechanical and chromatic qualities.

At the foot of the quarry there is a modern and equipped laboratory for the production of artefacts, production which is mostly automated thanks to the presence of special technologically cutting-edge machines.

Sardinian granite

The material extracted is a medium-grained pinkish-grey leuco granite, poor in mafic materials.





Pearl Flower Granite

Pearl Flower Granite

The pearl gray granite extracted from our local quarry. Sos Arestes, also known as Bianco Fiore and abroad Luna Pearl, is a leuco granite with a pinkish gray colour, medium grain. From a macroscopic point of view the grain appears homogeneous and, with its medium size and its very warm and particular colour, it clearly distinguishes itself from other grays grown in northern Sardinia. From a physical-mechanical point of view, the material appears remarkably compact, homogeneous, with excellent characteristics.
The extraction site has never changed since the opening date and is a guarantee of a deposit with enormous potential and a material with its own characteristics that remain unchanged over time. The production potential, both due to the quality of the deposit and the equipment available in the quarry, is adaptable to any need and production.

Discovering the Charm of Sardinian Granite

In the evocative scenery of Sardinia, granite stands as a true testament to the natural grandeur of this land. Among the various shades that enchant the eyes of admirers, Granito Grigio Perla, Granito Grigio Sardegna/Buddusò, Granito Bianco Sardo Sardegna/Buddusò, and Granito Luna Pearl Sardegna/Buddusò emerge as precious stones, symbols of the geological and cultural richness of this region.

The Excellence of Sardinia/Buddusò Granite Blocks

The granite blocks extracted from the quarries of Sardinia, particularly those of Buddusò, boast a reputation for excellence in the industry. Each block encapsulates centuries of geological history and the titanic work of nature. Sardinia/Buddusò Granite, subjected to a meticulous extraction process, reveals its unique beauty, ready to be shaped by the skilled hands of local artisans.

The Life Cycle of Granite: From Quarries to Processing in Buddusò

Sardinia/Buddusò Granite embarks on a fascinating journey, from extraction to processing, which celebrates local artistry and craftsmanship. The quarries, the jewels of granite production, are the starting point of this journey. Here, expert extractors carefully extract the raw blocks, preserving their integrity.

Artisan Mastery in Buddusò: Transforming Raw Stone into Works of Art

Buddusò, renowned for its tradition in granite processing, is the beating heart of Sardinian craftsmanship. Here, the skilled hands of artisans transform raw granite blocks into authentic works of art. Through a meticulous process of cutting, polishing, and finishing, Sardinia/Buddusò Granite takes shape, revealing its intrinsic beauty.

Sardinia/Buddusò Granite: A Cultural and Geological Heritage

Sardinia/Buddusò Granite is not just a raw material but a symbol of the culture and history of this region. Each block tells a unique story, engraved in its veins and crystals. Its artisanal processing in Buddusò not only preserves this heritage but transforms it into works that will endure over time, carrying forward the tradition.


Considering the quality in the extraction of the blocks, our products start from the best base that can be found today in the raw materials market. The rest is due to the long experience gained by our company, from the moment of its birth the products that paved the ports of the cities of Olbia, Alghero and Porto Torres were produced.
Our laboratory, located at the foot of the quarry a few dozen meters from the extraction fronts, is equipped for the production of different types of products;
in fact, they range from the “cantonetto” typical element of urban structures and infrastructures, to the most typical products for the most disparate applications, tiles, thresholds, windowsills, stair coverings, pillars, fireplaces and other furnishing elements, funerary art, with different finishes superficial.

Sardinian white granite


The granite block is the flagship product of our business.

The processing takes place with diamond wire cutting for most of the surfaces and with the “pre-splitting” perforation technique for squaring; for some time now, to exclude induced micro fractures, there has been a tendency to avoid the use of explosives, except in particular situations of bank opening.

Considering the characteristics of the deposit, the company is able to produce “standard” blocks whose average dimensions are between 6 and 10 cubic meters; We also produce custom-made blocks and large blocks for special processes.

blocchi granito Sardegna / Buddusò lavorazione granito Sardegna / Buddusò

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Overturning of a typical bank

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