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The quarry of the knight Salvatore Fiore dates back to the early 20th century.

A prominent figure in the Sardinian economic landscape, Salvatore Fiore was the protagonist of a unique entrepreneurial story that saw him, from a humble stonemason, rise to become one of the most authoritative and important granite industrialists globally.

Born in Buddusò in 1936, he experienced a childhood strongly marked by the modest conditions of his family. It was only through a strong determination to improve his position that he was able to register his company with the Chamber of Commerce in 1961 under the name “Salvatore Fiore – Granite Extraction and Processing.” In 1966, Salvatore Fiore’s granite from the quarry was chosen for the restoration of the pavement and facade of Cologne Cathedral; it was the first of a series of milestones that saw Salvatore Fiore’s granite reach markets as distant as the United States and Japan. One of the most prestigious buildings clad with Grey Pearl granite is the Tokyo Opera House.

By 1968, Salvatore Fiore was the most important entrepreneur in the sector in Sardinia. Foremost among his achievements was his recognition of the need for full modernization of the company, both for extraction and processing. He always sought the most cutting-edge technologies in the industry and initiated commercial relationships with industrialists worldwide who could recognize and appreciate the quality of the Grey Pearl granite extracted from his quarry, a product absolutely unique in its kind. He passed away in 2012, leaving the business to his family, who continue to run it with the same determination and enthusiasm instilled by the founder.

Who we are


Fiore Service Srl, founded in 2009, is the natural continuation of a family business active in the stone sector for over 50 years and is certainly one of the first in Sardinia to produce granite blocks for ornamental use.

At the foot of the quarry, there is a modern and well-equipped workshop for the production of artifacts, with production mostly automated thanks to the presence of special technologically advanced machines.

The Grey Pearl granite extracted from our quarry in Sos Arestes is also known as Bianco Fiore domestically and Luna Pearl abroad. It is a leucocratic granite with a pinkish-grey color, with a medium grain size. Macroscopically, the grain appears homogeneous, and with its average size and warm, distinctive color, it stands out clearly from other grays cultivated in northern Sardinia.

From a physical-mechanical point of view, the material appears remarkably compact, homogeneous, and possesses excellent characteristics. The extraction site has never changed since its opening and is a guarantee of a deposit with enormous potential and a material with immutable characteristics over time.

The production capabilities, both due to the quality of the deposit and the equipment available in the quarry, can be adapted to any need and production requirement.