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The granite block is the flagship product of our business.

Processing primarily involves diamond wire cutting for most surfaces and the “pre-splitting” drilling technique for squaring; for some time now, we have tended to avoid the use of explosives to exclude induced micro-fractures, except in special bench opening situations.

Considering the characteristics of the deposit, the company is able to produce “standard” blocks with average dimensions ranging from 6 to 10 cubic meters; furthermore, custom-sized blocks and large blocks for special processing are also produced.

blocchi granito Sardegna / Buddusò lavorazione granito Sardegna / Buddusò



Considering the quality in the extraction of granite blocks, our products start from the best base available in the raw materials market today. The rest is attributed to the long experience gained by our company; since its inception, we have been producing granite artifacts that have paved the ports of the cities of Olbia, Alghero, and Porto Torres.

Our workshop, located at the foot of the quarry just a few tens of meters from the extraction fronts, is equipped for the production of various types of artifacts. We produce a variety of items, ranging from the typical “cantonetto,” a typical element of urban structures and infrastructure, to the most common works for various applications such as tiles, thresholds, sills, staircase claddings, pillars, fireplaces, and other furnishing elements, as well as funerary art, all with different surface finishes.