The extracted material is a granite leuco with a medium-grained pinkish gray color.
Known as "Bianco Fiore", the grain of the granite appears homogeneous with a medium size and a particular color.
The chromatic characteristics are the basis of its commercial success, that have remained constant for 50 years.

Laboratory tests have shown the following average values:

compressive simple strength (UNI EN 1926) 190,00 Mpa
compressive strength after loops frost/thaw (UNI EN 1926) 195,42 Mpa
flexural strength under concentrated load (UNI EN 12372) 15,60 Mpa
flexural strength under concentrated load after loops frost/thaw (UNI EN 12372) 14,90 Mpa
apparent density (UNI EN 1936) 2,626 t/m3
water absorption at atmospheric pressure (UNI EN 13755) 0,3 %
abrasion resistance (UNI EN 14157) 16 mm